100 Days to Seduce the Devil

Chapter 665 Pleasing Him With Her Lips

665 Pleasing Him With Her Lips

Day Seventy-Two...

Jane was satisfied when Nathan conceded. She never expected him to be this obedient. She would be happy to comply and fulfill his request. She was in the mood to reward her man. Spending quality time and intimate moments with Nathan would strengthen their connection.

Without hesitation, Jane repositioned herself, settling herself between his legs. Nathan, in turn, reclined his upper body, propping himself against the bed's headboard with his elbow, his gaze fixed on her. He yearned to watch her.

His heart raced within his chest, and his eyes shimmered with anticipation. Nathan held his breath, eagerly waiting for her to make a move.

Nathan involuntarily bit his lower lip as he felt Jane's hand firmly grasp his erection. With a seductive smile, she maintained her eye- to-eye contact with him as her fingers sensually began to stroke his hardened length. She felt his cock pulsate under her touch. It grew bigger and harder.

Nathan's hands clung to the bedsheets, fingers tightly gripping the fabric as Jane continued her sensual exploration of his arousal. It didn't take long before she drew her face closer to his nether region, a wicked grin dancing upon her lips.

Nathan's breath caught in his throat and his eyes sparkled with lust and yearning, as he felt the sultry warmth of Jane's breath caressing his throbbing manhood.

An overwhelming rush of sensation surged through him as Jane let her tongue escape her mouth, playfully tracing the very tip of his rigid member. "Oh, F*ck," Nathan groaned in ecstasy, struggling to maintain his composure, fully immersing himself in the intoxicating pleasure Jane was bestowing upon him.

With an innate sense of desire and expertise, Jane continued her seductive journey. Her tongue glided from the tip of Nathan's hard cock down to its very base. Meanwhile, her fingers played merrily with his testicles, adding an extra layer of exquisite delight as her tongue explored and savored every inch of his hardened length. 

Pre-cum glistened at the tip of Nathan's throbbing arousal, and without hesitation, Jane's tongue eagerly darted forth to lick and suckle on the warm liquid. It sent electric waves of pleasure coursing through Nathan's entire being, his insatiable desire threatening to consume him whole.

The sensation of Jane's tongue licking his pre-cum intensified his arousal, each sensuous touch stoking the flames of his passion. Nathan, overwhelmed by both pleasure and a hint of amusement, couldn't help but gulp audibly. He couldn't deny the intoxicating allure of Jane's affectionate attention to his manhood. He had to suppress a chuckle when he observed the crumpled expression on Jane's face as she encountered the unique taste of his pre-cum. It was evident that this was a first-ever experience for her, her taste buds unacquainted with the intimate flavor.

"Don't force yourself," Nathan softly murmured, his gentle hand reaching out to tenderly caress her face.

Jane, breaking her focus, lifted her head and locked eyes with Nathan. "Why? Am I not doing well?" Jane asked him innocently, worried that she was doing it the wrong way.

Nathan could no longer hold his chuckle. Jane's reaction was too cute and funny. "No! You are doing fine. You silly, girl. Can't you see it? My big brother is so hard and throbbing because of you." He reassured her.

Getting more confidence because of Nathan's last remarks, Jane went back to action. At this moment, she parted her lips and tried to put his cock inside her mouth, her hands wrapping around its base.

Jane, determined to take him to the brink of ecstasy, tried to swallow and accommodate his entire length. As she did so, her mouth was stretched to its limits, and his firm tip brushed against the back of her throat, drawing yet another soft groan from Nathan. 

A shiver of pleasure rippled through Nathan's body as Jane commenced a tantalizing rhythm, moving her head up and down, her lips creating a sinuous dance along his shaft. Nathan squeezed his eyes shut in delight and pleasure.

Jane, however, was not content to settle for conventional pleasures. She teasingly drew back, liberating his throbbing member from the sweet captivity of her mouth. Her delicate fingers continued to stroke his length with expert precision while she playfully licked his tip once more, akin to savoring a delectable lollipop.

Nathan's body tensed and became stiff. His primal instincts urged him to thrust his hips, to plunge further into the warm haven of her mouth. But Jane had other plans, her focus solely on lapping and suckling on the sensitive tip.

Nathan felt utterly spellbound by Jane's prowess, his gaze fell on her as she graced his engorged member with her moist red lips. With each movement, her tongue worked wonders, drawing forth his pre-cum in droplets, and he could do nothing but surrender to the mesmerizing sensations she was giving him.

After a while, Jane took his manhood out of her mouth and stared at him, meeting his gaze. "How is it?" Jane asked him again, seeking acknowledgement from him.

Nathan could nod his head and replied, "You are doing fine. It's so good. Keep going, Darling." He stroked her hair once more.

Jane resumed what she was doing, taking his cock inside into her mouth once more. Her lips formed a snug seal around his throbbing arousal, sucking and licking him that sent waves of ecstasy rippling through Nathan's entire being.

Simultaneously, her fingers worked his shaft, kneading and caressing it in a rhythmic dance of desire. The combination of her mouth and hands left Nathan in a state of utter euphoria. His pupils dilated as an overwhelming surge of pleasure spread throughout his body. Her every touch and seductive stroke propelled Nathan closer to the brink of release.

"Keep going... Aaah~," Nathan urged with an almost desperate plea, his voice laced with raw desire, his grip on her head gently guiding her face closer to his pulsating manhood. "Suck me harder," he groaned, lost in the whirlwind of sensations.

Jane, obedient and eager to oblige, continued the rhythmic motion of her head, taking in his considerable size within the warm haven of her mouth. The electrifying intensity of their passionate connection was building to a crescendo, the waves of pleasure cresting higher and higher. "A little more... I'm cumming."

Just as Nathan was on the brink of climax, he recognized the urgency of the moment. He delicately withdrew his throbbing arousal from Jane's mouth, a gesture filled with consideration and a desire to spare her any discomfort. He didn't want her to struggle with his release, not when their shared pleasure was so profoundly important to him.

Soon, the room was filled with Nathan's unrestrained groans of pleasure. His hips bucked with unbridled need as he took matters into his own hands, fingers tightly gripping his shaft.

With a sense of urgency, he began to fervently stroke and rub himself, the intensity of his desire building to an almost unbearable peak. Each skilled movement of his fingers brought him closer and closer to the release he so desperately sought, the powerful sensations coursing through him like electric currents.

Jane could only watch Nathan's unabashed display of pleasure with a mischievous glint in her eye. His passionate release had an almost hypnotic effect, drawing her into a world of sultry desire.

Reflexively, she let her hand slip beneath the waistband of her pants, her fingers venturing eagerly between her thighs to caress her own aroused and glistening sex. Her body hummed with an electrifying need, the sight of Nathan savoring his orgasm had ignited a fiery desire within her.

Her fingers danced sensuously over her most intimate regions, the warmth and wetness between her legs serving as a potent reminder of the powerful allure that their shared passion had ignited. Jane was fully immersed in the throes of her own desire, her breath quickening as she watched Nathan reach the pinnacle of his pleasure.


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