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Chapter 284 - 284: You Look Very Good Today

Chapter 284: You Look Very Good Today

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“Everyone, Ning Sheng is the heir of the Gu family from today onwards. Today’s banquet is too rushed, but everyone knows that the previous incident with Ning Xiaxia has brought unnecessary trouble to the Physics Research Institute and everyone else.

Right now, Ning Sheng is the only eldest daughter of the Gu family.”

Gu Youshen said calmly, his aura full of vigor.

No matter where the Gu family was in the capital, he could not afford to lose his character. He would help Ning Sheng get everything she wanted.

This was what the Gu family owed Ning Sheng.

Ning Sheng nodded slightly.

Because of this sentence, everyone understood in their hearts.

The future structure of the capital had begun.

Pa, pa, pa–

Lu Chuyao took the lead in clapping, and Mu Xianchu and Jichen followed suit. It was as if the farce just now no longer existed, and this was the real heir announcement banquet.

Other than a few people who knew the truth, the others did not know what the relationship between the third young master of the Lu family and the new eldest daughter of the Gu family was.

Gu Youshen did not expect things to go so smoothly.

After all, he had made many difficult assumptions.

However, he did not expect that the celebrities present did not reject Ning Sheng.

The people below were also discussing animatedly.

Zhou Fan: “That’s great. The research institute has a successor.”

“Look at your dog face,” Chen Nanshan sneered.

Zhou Fan was speechless. “Was Old Chen upset? Ning Sheng can’t go back to the translation institute? Don’t worry, even if Ning Sheng liked translating, she will still work hard at the Physics Research Institute for the Gu family.”

“Bah, I don’t want to talk to you.” Chen Nanshan cursed.

Zhou Fan wiped the saliva off his face and did not say anything.

However, he was exceptionally happy.

Chen Nanshan looked at Ning Sheng. No wonder Ning Sheng looked so similar to his former favorite student. It was because Ning Sheng was her daughter. She was talented and outstanding.

What a pity, what a pity!

Back then, even if Third Young Master Lu had threatened and bribed her, he should have kept Ning Sheng…

Forget it. It was more important for the translation institute to live quietly.

“Shengsheng, let me introduce you to some people.” Gu Youshen said gently.

“Thank you.” Ning Sheng nodded politely.

Upon hearing this, Gu Youshen’s expression changed. “Actually, I should be the one thanking you. There is also an embarrassing side. It was him who had pulled Ning Sheng into the whirlpool of the Gu family. Ning Sheng could have lived a carefree life.”

“The Gu family is my responsibility.” Ning Sheng looked at Ning Mu, who was about to leave, and immediately said, “Please wait for me. 1 want to see my brother.”

Younger brother? The little boy just now?

Wasn’t Ning Sheng on bad terms with the Ning family? The person who called him a younger brother…

Gu Youshen took a look and remembered this boy.

“Third Young Master, why are you here?” Mu Xianchu sighed.

“Just to lead the applause?”

The teasing between the two of them was too obvious.

Lu Chuyao did not say a word as he looked at Ning Sheng’s back.

“Ning Mu!”

Ning Mu stopped in his tracks but did not turn his head.

“When did you get here? Since you saw me, why didn’t you say anything? Aren’t you going to let me celebrate you getting into F University?” Ning Sheng said anxiously, afraid that Ning Mu would ignore her and leave.

Ning Mu turned his head and looked at the woman with red lips and white teeth.

She was also worried about him.

“You look very beautiful today..”


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