As A Trash Collector, I Collected A Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 494 - 494: An Bbundance of Treasures! Even the

Chapter 494: An Bbundance of Treasures! Even the

Empress Dowager’s Night-shining Pearl has Arrived! (2)

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Truth be told…

Such a thing.

It was not particularly easy to authenticate.

In order to verify its identity, much evidence was needed to support the claim.

A mere slip of paper would not be enough to convince the crowd.

Although Luo Feng had the system and knew for certain this was the Dowager Empress Cixi’s Night-shining Pearl, not everyone was convinced.

But whether they believed it or not did not matter, for he had no intention to sell it; it would remain part of his personal collection.

Returning the Night-shining Pearl to its place, Luo Feng wiped his palms, considering the artifact to be his most significant find during this excavation.

Around five in the afternoon, Luo Feng’s digging came to a halt.

Below, it appeared to be a mixture of dirt and clay.

It did not look as if it had been buried by a collapse.

Because it was clumped together.

After eating a bit, Luo Feng, along with his companions, resumed the excavation around half past five.

Given the prestigious nature of the unearthed artifacts thus far, Luo Feng allowed only the most reliable hands to continue digging, naturally slowing the pace.

“Ding! You have unearthed a firearm, worth 2000 Yuan!”

Modern weapons had even been found.

Luo Feng was somewhat speechless.

But it did make sense.

After all, it was confirmed to be from the period after the end of the Qing dynasty.

So unearthing a firearm was completely reasonable.

“Holy cow, there’s even a firearm?”

“What in the world is this place, I’m completely flabbergasted! ”

“Guess it can’t be an ancient tomb, who would bury firearms with the deceased in an underwater burial?” Ding!

[ You have unearthed a firearm. ] Ding!

[ You have unearthed another firearm! ]

One after another, firearms were excavated. It seemed as if this whole area was full of firearms.

“Crack! ”

As Luo Feng continued his excavation, a cracking sound echoed.

Luo Feng lifted his headlamp and shone it downwards.

Upon a careful look.

It felt very familiar.

“Isn’t this the type of box used to store firearms in military forts?”

Having moved these boxes many times, Luo Feng was more than familiar with them.

“What’s so special about this wooden plank?” “Host, dig it up and see what’s underneath!”

“This wooden plank looks awfully familiar!”

Luo Feng dug up the wooden plank and tossed it aside.

Below, it seemed, was a military fort.

These artifacts may have been stored in the fort, which had since collapsed.

And the items were then buried below.

But there was a problem, military forts are quite sturdy, not easily destroyed unless bombarded by heavy artillery.

Otherwise, it would not have collapsed.

And the location of a military fort is usually hidden, so it would not have been discovered easily.

But how could it have collapsed?

Luo Feng set these questions aside for the moment. He had confirmed that this was a military fort.

From the distribution of the treasure markers, it was a small-sized fort.

Luo Feng moved to another location and continued digging.

The wooden boxes contained firearms, which were not particularly interesting to look at.

Upon moving to a new location for the excavation.

Luo Feng found that below was once again a mass of dirt and clay.

Subsequently, the area of the dirt and clay expanded.

Reaching more than two meters.

He soon got a clear glimpse of the tip of the iceberg of the local structures within the military fort.

It appeared that this fort had indeed partially collapsed but also retained some structure.

There was no need to search for the entrance to the military fort. It had likely collapsed.

“Why is there a wall of dirt and clay?”

“Underneath it, could there be a complete modern structure?”

Pointing with his hoe, Luo Feng opened his mouth and declared, “This is definitely a military fort!”

“But where’s the iron gate?”

“Yes, exactly! The previous times, weren’t there large iron gates and steps? This time, there’s nothing!”

“It can’t be a military fort, can it? Military forts are usually very sturdy; this looks like it’s collapsed!”

Luo Feng responded, “There’s certainly no large iron gate. I suspect this is a military fort that was bombed. The portion I dug up at noon was part of the destroyed section. The dirt flowed in through the entrance and buried the whole area.”

“But that’s not right. How could so many cultural relics appear in a place like a military fort?”

“Indeed, and such valuable items like the Dowager Empress Cixi’s Night-shining Pearl!”

“The Warring States Period bronze ding isn’t bad either. If it were on the market, it would easily fetch billions!”

“This isn’t a military fort; it’s practically a cornucopia of treasures!”

Luo Feng laughed, “Don’t worry, let me dig a bit more and we might get a clearer picture of what’s happening here.”

. They had agreed a few days ago. The long-legged beauty had agreed. But Luo Feng thought they shouldn’t fly in the tent. They needed a better environment. For the first flight of two such beautiful people, Luo Feng didn’t want it to take place in such a poor environment. Working overtime, Luo Feng planned not to sleep that night.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

Luo Feng brought over a large machine, intending to dig a hole through the dirt and clay.

Soon, he had dug out a large hole in the undestroyed part of the military fort. As one could imagine, if it were not destroyed, it would be quite difficult to dig through a military fort.

After preparing the oxygen bottles and other equipment, Luo Feng, along with a few others, started to descend.

The height was not very high. They could descend with a small aluminum ladder.

After descending, there was a passageway that was about one and a half meters wide.

The walls on both sides even had light bulbs.

Looking behind him, about thirty meters of the military fort had collapsed, including some rooms. They had been filled with dirt.

“Damn it, this really is a military fort?”

“The host does not lie! I will never question his words again!”

“I thought this was the tomb of some important person from the Republic of

China era, and you’re telling me it’s a military fort?”

“Indeed, I had even begun to suspect it was Old Zhang’s tomb!”

“Old Zhang, didn’t he get blown up by the Japanese? Where would his tomb come from? His remains were annihilated!”

“Could this be a military fort on our side?”

Luo Feng walked into a room and pushed open the door to find seven large boxes inside.

Each of these seven large boxes was two and a half meters wide and one and a half meters tall. They were quite large.

Huge, even.

After Luo Feng walked over, he casually opened one of the boxes. On top was a

layer of oilcloth, and underneath it was cotton, which was already dried out.

On top of the cotton were various items, either boxed or wrapped in silk, packaged with care.

Luo Feng picked up an object and felt it from the outside. It seemed to be some kind of vase.

When he unwrapped it, indeed, it was a vase.

“Holy hell, is this a vase?”

“It’s blue and white porcelain! Genuine blue and white porcelain!”

“Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain?

“Darn it, why are there so many treasures in this place? Are all seven of these large boxes filled with blue and white porcelain?


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