Dual Cultivator with a cultivation system

Chapter 154 Ch-154:Entrance Appears(2)

Chapter 154 Ch-154:Entrance Appears(2)

A short while ago, just before the entrance to the secret realm appeared...

Inside a cozy inn in Ebonheart City...

A young woman, who seemed to be around the age of twenty, was currently sitting on the floor with crossed legs. Her eyes were tightly shut, and sweat trickled down from her forehead to her beautiful face. A frown creased her face as a purple jade hovered in front of her. Strange texts were coming out of the jade that entered her forehead, and sharp energy which felt like thousands of swords surrounded her, making it seem like anyone approaching might get sliced into thousands of pieces.

Another woman, a bit older, watched her with concern, her eyebrows knitted tightly.


The young woman opened her eyes, coughing blood. The purple jade, once floating, now lay on the floor.

"Tang Ning, damn it!" The older woman on the sidelines hurried forward to assist.

"I'm okay, Master Mei. I was just about to grasp the technique," the young woman reassured her mentor, Hui Mei.

"You don't need to rush, you know. You can learn the sword technique later," Hui Mei sighed, looking tired as she spoke to her determined disciple.

"No way! I have to maintain the honor of your position, the Sect Master of Heavenly Sword Sect. How can your personal disciple not learn the technique?" Tang Ning insisted, a stubborn expression on her face.

Hui Mei, the current leader of the Heavenly Sword Sect, one of the prominent sects in the Black Bamboo Kingdom, like the YangYi sect, looked at Tang Ning. Tang Ning was her personal disciple, set to inherit the sect in the future.

"Ha, looks like you won't budge, huh? Is it because of the royal family's announcement about hosting the competition?" Hui Mei asked, and Tang Ning nodded in agreement.

Hui Mei let out another tired sigh. It wasn't just her who was excited about participating and getting selected to represent the kingdom; other disciples in the sect were also practicing hard. Some, like Tang Ning, aimed to win the competition.

"Sigh, just take it easy. The last form of this technique is challenging to learn, but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it eventually," Hui Mei advised her stubborn but hardworking disciple. The final technique was the most potent one in the sword manual, a must-learn for every sect master. Tang Ning, eager to improve her chances of winning the competition, dedicated her time to training whenever she could.


All of a sudden, the entire inn started shaking violently. If it weren't for some mysterious energy holding it together, the place might have crumbled. Tang Ning, who had just stood up, plopped back down on the floor, and Hui Mei lost her balance, joining Tang Ning on the ground.

"What the heck was that?" Tang Ning mumbled, her eyes suddenly widening as she observed the spiritual energy and the red pillar shooting up into the sky.

"Master, a secret realm opening!" Tang Ning exclaimed with excitement, eager to explore and find something that could help her grow stronger and better understand the technique.

"Yes, let's go quickly. I'm sure many others will arrive as well," her master said solemnly. Even though she was a Golden Core Realm cultivator, there could be others present who were just as formidable, like some hidden cultivators, she was not worried that a sect master would arrive as the sects were very far from his place

Meanwhile, somewhere in the mountain areas, just a few minutes before the entrance opened...

Inside a cave reeking of alcohol and blood, numerous cages held the lifeless bodies of powerful beasts, and chests overflowed with various treasures and pills. A group of men in worn-out clothes were gathered, enjoying their spoils.

"Haha, Boss Hei Li, we hit the jackpot looting that village," one of the men exclaimed, laughing loudly and taking big swigs of alcohol from his bottle.

"Haha, Boss, we never thought that small village would have so much treasure," chimed in another man.

The boss, Hei Li, had a hefty frame with veins visibly popping, giving off a menacing vibe. His body bore numerous scars, the most prominent one running across his chest. A sword had left a slashing mark on one of his eyes. His hair was greasy, and he wore only a garment that covered the lower half of his body. Hei Li, the leader of the Blue Bandit group, had recently broken through to the Golden Core Realm.

"Haha, I didn't expect such a fortunate encounter in that small village, and thanks to that, I broke into the Golden Core Realm," Hei Li laughed loudly, his followers joining in.

"Boss, with your increased strength, folks will fear our bandit group even more, and we can act even more unscrupulously," another follower grinned wickedly.

" Boss, maybe we will be able to taste more beautiful women in the future," another follower said with a lecherous smile on his face to which the others also grinned

" Haha, it was a pity that the women we tasted this time could not satisfy us and died of exhaustion but the look of despair on their husbands and other family members was worth it, maybe we could target some disciples from the sects in the future," Hei Li said with an evil smirk on his face, every time they looted a village, they would kill all the residents after having fun with the captured women until they died, it was not their fault that they were weak to protect themselves, this world was a place where the strong could only survive and weak could just get stomped on by the strong, they never dared to target disciples from the sects as there were few Golden Core Realm cultivators but now he is also one and his fear dissipated

"Boss, where should we go and loot?" another bandit asked, excitement evident in his voice.


Before Hei Li could reply, the cave shook, causing some of them to lose their balance and tumble to the ground.

"Are we being attacked?" one bandit asked.

"Who dares attack us?" shouted another bandit angrily.

"Boss, there's a strange red light shooting towards the sky," one of them exclaimed, rushing inside. Hei Li's eyes gleamed with interest upon hearing the news.

"Good! Looks like a secret realm is opening. It'll attract a lot of people we can loot and grab treasures from the cave," the boss said, changing his plans from looting a nearby town.

"Alright, everyone, get ready. We'll show that our bandit group has become even stronger," he declared, knowing that not only had others increased in cultivation but also benefited from the treasures they recently acquired.

"Yes, Boss Hei Li!" shouted the others in excitement as they followed Hei Li outside towards the place where the red light is coming from


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