Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~

Chapter 225: Reincarnation Ritual

Chapter 225: Reincarnation Ritual

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Reincarnation. Losing one’s current form to be remade into a new one.

The screamings were more bestial rather than human.

I no longer understood what he was saying.

A sad howl reverberated through the Great Wall.

Looking at the direction of the voice from the top of the Great Wall. A black wolf was standing there.

The wolf was staring straight at Georg. However, after a while it disappeared into the grassland.

It’s probably more of a monster rather than a regular animal now.

The family left behind by the man who became a monster was still crying. Even when the children called their father's name, he, who had become a monster, never returned.

Georg looked away from the direction the monster had left. His happy face was directed at me.

[How was it?]


I couldn't answer. I had no idea what's going on…

I was just dumbfounded.

Georg grinned at me.

[Did you enjoy yourself?]

[What part of it should entertain me?]

[If that person’s sins were forgiven, he wouldn’t have become a monster. In other words, he shouldn’t have committed a crime.]

[What about you elves?]

I tried to approach Geord, but his escorts halted my advance.

[Elves are special here.]

[What do you mean?]

[We are the stewards of these beastmen. A judge to their deeds. Thus the Great Wall is tolerant of us.]

[So, it doesn’t affect the elves. Does that mean even if you commit a crime, you won’t become a monster?]

When I said that, Georg snickered at me.

As if cluing me that I may have guessed wrongly.

[Aahhh, how noisy.]

Georg said that and turned his eyes to the man's family who had become monsters. The wife and the little daughter.

She was still crying. The little girl in particular was glaring at Georg.

Georg kept an eye on his attendants and gave instructions.

[You… no way.]

[So what if that's the case?]


This time I was held down by the surrounding soldiers. Eight of them, holding me off.

[Isn't it lonely to be apart? After all, I think it's good for families to be together. Fate thinks so too, right?]

[Is that… how can you do that?]

[Oh, forgive me. It's a family of criminals. It doesn't mean she won't do what her father did. But dangerous blood should be eliminated.]

[They are just distraught over the loss of their father.]

[Well… she doesn’t seem to accept the judgment of the Great Wall over what her father did. It's blasphemy to doubt the absolute truth. A great sin.]

Georg ordered his subordinates to push the mother and child off the wall.


[Fair judgment is about to be handed down again.]

They hadn’t even done any crime yet.

Unless it’ll still happen just by not accepting the Great Wall’s judgment!?

Once again, the golden glow occurred. Two of them this time

It dyed the pure white wall in their color.

Is that kind of rule even fair? Hell no! You gotta be kidding me!

Two monsters were standing side by side on the ground now.

One of the soldiers fired a menacing arrow as they refused to leave.

The surprised monsters ran away. It's also in a different direction than the father.

[That’s no good. It seems to have lost its senses and even forgot about its father. This is why beastmen are no good.]


[They are, essentially, monsters.]

Georg turned his attention not to the outside, but to the city of the beastmen inside.

[Always be a good person. Sinners are not needed here.]

[Someone who is convenient for you… is that what you call a good person?]

[Obviously. We elves are the ones who rule this place. This is the world of elves. There is one who leads, and one who follows. There are only these two.]

Georg gave me a look, and grinned.

[So, which side are you taking, Stranger? Or are you just a bystander?]

While asking this question, Georg began to descend the Great Wall.

Once he disappeared from sight, the soldiers released their restraints on me.

I looked toward Georg down there. He smiled and waved his hand at me in response.

The beastmen who had gathered earlier dispersed like spiderlings.

The elf soldiers also left, leaving me alone on top of the Great Wall.

[That’s one hell of a morning call.]

With my hand on the black sword, I talked to Greed out of habit. In a blink of an eye, I let go of my grasp on the handle.

[I wish you’re also here…]

I was at a loss for a while.

The same frustration as when I came to this continent hit me. Here, I'm a stranger no matter where I go.

Beastmen turn into monsters when they leave the Great Wall…no, if Georg was right, they returned to their original form…

The elves had the right to decide. It's exactly as Georg said.

Did he think it made him a god?

I was keenly aware of the fact that gods are not worthy… in the battle on His land. I was made to dance like a clown. I almost lost my loved ones and even my own life.

It's almost a miracle that I'm even alive here.

[A world where the conventional wisdom doesn't apply. What would you do? Hey, Greed.]

As usual, I would have him listen to my nagging. But this time, I didn’t hear his all-important bossy voice speaking back to me.

[I have to find my way home, but I still can't understand the rules here.]

Since Greed wasn't exactly around, I ended up just talking to myself.

The only answer came from the sea breeze that changed its direction and blew through. I didn't think that the scent of the tide would flow so far from the sea.

Is it because we're at the top of the Great Wall?

I thought that if I left the Great Wall like this and went to wander around, I wouldn’t be able to find my way home. Even if I tried to access the information in the elf world, I don't think they would disclose it to me, a stranger.

At least it didn't seem like Georg and the other elves would be cooperative.

As expected, maybe it’s better to leave.

I felt like Georg purposely showed me the reincarnation ritual to encourage me to do just that.

If I slowed down my fall by stabbing the black sword into the wall, I should be able to scale it safely.

Never thought that I would be leaving. Not today or yesterday.

I felt sorry for Cecilia since she’s been helping me, but it seemed that I had no place here.

I thanked her despite the fact that she's not here.

[Thank you, Cecilia.]

And when I was about to jump off, someone grabbed my hand.

Turning around, the person I just thought about was there.

Without me realizing!? I didn’t sense them coming at all.

[Because you looked solemn all of a sudden, I quietly approached you with wind magic.]

[Do you have to surprise me though?]

[That's the line over here. You were about to jump off here, weren't you?]

[I'm thinking of doing a reincarnation ritual as well.]

[Don't ever say that, even as a joke.]

All this happened because Cecilia ran away.

A little sarcasm should be forgiven.

Yet, it was considered a blasphemy when the beastmen family who had been turned into monsters earlier did so.


The two of us stood side by side looking at the horizon where those who had become monsters disappeared to.

I wonder how much time has passed.

Unable to bear the silence, I thought to start some small talk with Cecilia, but

[Hey, Fate.]


[Can you stay just a little longer?]


Cecilia looked straight at me and said so. Her eyes were shining brightly, reflecting the sunlight.

[I've been waiting. A messenger from the sacred land. A human of old lore. A person who will lead the world to change.]

Hearing those words, I felt like I understood why Cecilia had a daily routine of walking outside the Great Wall.

And that's why she was so kind to me from the beginning.

The hand that she still held was filled with even more strength. It seemed to express her feelings.


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