His Naughty Little Girl is So Sweet

Chapter 254 - 254 Admitting Defeat

Chapter 254 - 254 Admitting Defeat

Li Shunan had been sleeping since class started.

Hao Weiwu had been impassioned on the podium for a long time, but he did not hear a word.

It was as if the results had nothing to do with him.

He did not care that everyone's gazes were about to nail him into a sieve.

Jiang Lingzhi took a deep breath. It was not easy for her to suppress the evil fire in her heart. She resisted the urge to kick him awake.

Are you still a human?

How many more things have you lied to me about?!!

Hao Weiwu was so excited that he wasted ten minutes to announce the results.

Now, he finally got back to the main topic." Alright, class representative, come over and hand out the test papers. We'll talk about the test papers in this class."

Everyone could not help but look at that corner.

The school bully had successfully transformed into a top student.

The two identities had switched too quickly, and they still could not accept it.

He couldn't afford to offend her.

As expected, they could only worship the big shots.

"When you get the test papers, take a look at where you went wrong. There are many key points that were discussed in class. How can you be wrong? Let's take a look at the first question."

Hao Weiwu was talking about the exam papers on the podium.

Hao Weiwu was talking about the exam papers on the podium.

Jiang Lingzhi was completely distracted.

She couldn't pull herself away from the fact that her deskmate had gotten first place in the grade.

The main thing was that the image of her deskmate scoring zero on the test had already been deeply ingrained in her heart.

Now that he had suddenly gotten first place, it was really too unexpected.

She was ranked second in the grade.

She only got second place in the grade.

One of the top students in the grade who sat at the same table had successfully sent her away from him.

Good job.

Jiang Lingzhi really wanted to shout at him.

Are you a spy sent by the other party or not?

I've been racking my brains to get rid of my love rival, but the biggest stumbling block is actually my future boyfriend!

After Jiang Lingzhi's anger reached its peak, she was left with nothing but helplessness.

After the results were announced, Zhuo Yiru was the happiest.

He had originally thought that there was no hope of changing seats.

She did not expect that there would be a silver lining. Jiang Lingzhi only got second place in the grade.

Although it was already impressive to be second in the grade, not being first in the grade meant not being first in the grade.

She still had to move away from this seat!

The bell rang.

Hao Weiwu put his glasses back into his pocket and said," Alright, there are two more big questions. We'll continue next class. Class dismissed.""

With that, she quickly left the classroom.

After class.

Zhuo Yi didn't even have time to put away the test papers. He impatiently walked to his seat and couldn't hide the smugness in his eyes."You lost."

Jiang Lingzhi raised her head to look at her.

Although she was very angry, she still had to maintain her smile.

After a lesson, she was forced to accept this fact.

Jiang Lingzhi stood up from her seat and placed her pen on the table. She said calmly,""I'm willing to accept my loss. I'll move away from this seat."

Zhuo Yiru couldn't suppress his happiness. The corners of his mouth could reach his temples.

Jiang Lingzhi added," But classmate, even without me, do you think you can become his deskmate?""

Zhuo Yiru was taken aback and retorted with a red face,""That's my own business, as long as you don't sit with him!"

Anyway, she felt uncomfortable seeing the two of them sitting together.


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