Hundred Times Income Multiplier System

Chapter 547 Personal Hygiene

Chapter 547 Personal Hygiene

It did not take long for Jack and his group to be able to arrive at the base of the Force organization. After arriving there, Jack and his group did not want to continue chatting with Sylvia.

"It is your decision. If you are coming then you can come over. But if you want to go back to your organization, then you can go back. We'll start discussing other things later on after I am done with here." Jack stated as he opened the door, getting ready to get out of the car.

"What organization are you talking about? Haven't I already told you that I have already dissolved the entire Panthers organization? Currently, I don't really have an organization considering that everything is now yours. So, I'll just accompany you guys inside there, I'm curious about what compensation you are here for." Sylvia rolled her eyes as she responded.

Jack simply shrugged his shoulder before he got out of the car accompanied by Celine and the rest of the group. Sylvia followed from behind, quite curious about how Jack was going to deal with the situation here.

Although she had received information previously that Jack had actually come into this organization, beaten up almost everybody that he met with along the way, creating care was within the Force organization, but, she was curious to be able to see everything personally.

As for Celine, although she did not like the company that Sylvia was giving them, but, she did not say anything. In any case, it was not as if she was feeling insecure that Jack was going to leave her. Instead, she just felt irritated with Sylvia around with that demeanor of hers.

As the group approached the building, the people that were present immediately noticed them. After all, it was not long ago that Jack and his group had been here, and during that time, a lot of people had suffered.

So, the moment that they saw Jack, they remembered who he was. After all, he had left a deep impression in their minds, making sure that nobody who had seen him in action or heard about him try to do anything that would piss him off.

He was not the only one considering that even Celine had made her own movies. In fact, Celine was the one that took action the most, but, she did not seem much cruel as Jack was considering that she simply knocked unconscious the majority of the people that she encountered, with a few of them having several fractures.

As for Jack, there were several of them that had gotten broken bones, though none of them died. So in their impression, Jack was way more cruel, as compared to Celine.

The moment that they saw him at this group approaching, they did not dare to block him. Instead, they moved to the side, opening the way for him.

Having already learned a lesson from the previous time, they did not want a repetition of what had happened the previous day to happen again.

Sylvia was a little surprised. Even she herself had not expected that Jack had such an impact on the minds of the people from the force organization after his visit the previous day.

Of course, nobody tried to question Jack about his aim of being here. The previous time, it was simply because they were blocking his path that they were dealt with. And, even their superiors told them that if Jack and his group came over, then, they better not try blocking them.

At the end of the day, there was no possibility that an ordinary human was capable of competing with the superhuman.

But of course, although they could not do anything to Jack and his group, that did not imply that they could not inform their superiors.

Matthias was in his office, quite distressed. He had already transferred the cash that he possessed to Jack. And today, he was supposed to transfer all the properties that he owned to Jack as well.

That was something that made him feel frustrated. At the end of the day, he had managed to accumulate the wealth that he currently possessed after a long time.

Being members of the force organization did not imply that they were going to be rich. Instead, the force organization gave them a lot of freedom as compared to the other organizations.

That was the only reason why Matthias had not decided to join another organization within the stronghold. Currently, inside Stronghold number 17, even if he decided to join any other organization, then, his backing was going to be low.

Currently, as long as he managed to reach the superhuman level, he believed in that he would be promoted and taken to another stronghold that was of a higher level.

Additionally, although he did not really possess much support from the headquarters, but at least, there was somebody there that knew about him. So, he believed that in case his life was really in danger, then that person might decide to intervene considering that it was not going to be much difficult for him to be able to save him (Matthias.)

Just as he was relaxing, he suddenly heard the door of his office being banged. And even before he could react, the door at the entrance of the office was blasted inwards.

Thankfully, Matthias was able to react fast and dodged the door that came flying towards his direction.

Matthias did not even think about cursing at the person who had caused the door to fly inside. His office door was not simple, that implied that whoever it was that was capable of breaking that door, he was way stronger than himself.

And since that was the case, that implied that if he went ahead and cursed at the other party, then, he might end up dead.

Standing from behind his desk, he looked at the entrance and his pupils contracted after realizing that it was Jack and his group that had arrived. He gulped at the thought of the reason why Jack and his group had come over again.

Without waiting for Jack to say anything, Matthias hurried forward and said, "It is good to see you Mr. Jackson. About the property, I was about to do the transfers today. It is just that it was going to take some time to process all the documents that are required for the ownership transfer."

"That is not the reason why I am here. I'm here because of the information that I received yesterday. Who was the one that sent the information to me?" Jack asked.

"I was the one. You asked for the information, and I am in charge of everything. So, since you said that I should send the information to you, I made sure to send all of them. I promise that we did not hide anything." Matthias responded nervously.

He was afraid that Jack had come over thinking that they had hidden information from him, when that was not true. During the time that he was sending the information, he made sure to copy every information that was present inside the server of the organization, before transferring it to Jack.

But of course, within the information that he had sent over, it possessed no information about the Force organization. Not to mention the fact that they did not possess information about the headquarters, but, even the information about the based that was located in this stronghold was not inside the server that he could access and initiate the transfer.

Actually, all the information about the other Force organization bases that were located in the strongholds was connected to the main server of the force organization headquarters.

Although Matthias and the rest of the high level members of the organization were able to access the information, but, they were not given the authority of transferring the information, or copying it anyway.

Of course, the information that they could access was only about their own branch, and not about the others. And, in order to be able to access the information, they would need special permission and reason for doing that.

"Of course I know that you did not spare any information when you were transferring over the information. And that is the exact reason why I came over." Jack snorted as he responded.

Matthias was left speechless. If Jack actually knew that he had sent over the information, not hiding anything, then, why was it that he came over? And, looking at the gloomy expression that was on Jack's face, it was clear that there was something that had dissatisfied him.

"So…" Matthias did not know what to say, so, he looked at Jack, waiting for him to say about whatever it was that he was here about the information.

"Let me ask you something. The information that you sent me about cleaning a house, washing dishes, taking a shower, what the heck was that?" Jack asked with his brows furrowed.

Matthias was left speechless once again. He looked at Jack, and, he could see that Jack was actually angry at him. But, he could only swallow and respond, "But you told me that I was supposed to transfer all the information to you. And, that is just what I did. I went ahead and copied all the information regardless of the type of information, and transfer all of it to you."

"What the heck is your organization doing with information about taking a bath?" Jack could not help but ask. That was something that he did not really understand.

Of course, the main reason why he was feeling frustrated was simply because due to the addition of the extra useless information, he had to deal with an extra difficult mission for now.

"It is for personal hygiene. We have to make sure that all the members of our organization maintain their hygiene personally." Matthias responded with a forced smile on his face.


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