I Became A Cannon Fodder In A Female Protagonist Cultivation Novel

Chapter 552 - 552: I’ll Find Qjng Fu If I Have No Idea (Part 2)

Chapter 552 - 552: I’ll Find Qjng Fu If I Have No Idea (Part 2)

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[Today is a day of thinking hard about yourself but failing to figure out the answer.]

[Refined and obtained immortal position comprehension +1]

When Fang Jinyu saw the familiar text box, he expressed deep regret and accepted the part of his immortal position comprehension. Afterward, he furrowed his brows tightly.

It was because the answer Fang Jinyu had been thinking about but couldn’t find was within the immortal position comprehension.

The immortal position could be considered the immortal realm’s treasure!

The only thing that could compare to it was the superior treasure.

One could say that everyone in the immortal realm wanted these two things!

However, the superior treasure or the immortal position both had pros and cons in reality. For example, before Fang Jinyu became immortal, he tried to cultivate the everlasting immortal body and even condensed the “left everlasting hand.” Its power was so powerful that it allowed Fang Jinyu to accomplish what many Immortal Ascension stage cultivators in the Sea of Realms couldn’t.

However, the restriction on Fang Jinyu’s “left everlasting hand” was also visible to the naked eye!

Although Fang Jinyu had been greedy, overestimated himself, and borrowed a part of the characteristics of the superior treasure, it wouldn’t make much of a difference if he controlled a superior treasure.

The immortal position was the same!

As long as one had an Immortal Seat, not only would it be difficult to die, but one could also grasp the perfected immortal law.

However, on the other hand, it also limited him.

“Since I created and validated the path of freedom, the immortal law should be the same…” Fang Jinyu’s eyes flashed because he controlled the immortal law and the heavenly rules!

“Going too far is as bad as falling short…’

Fang Jinyu sighed faintly. It was the biggest taboo on the immortal cultivation path.

Even if one became immortal, if one went too far, it would still be difficult for one to make progress in cultivation.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu had no choice but to give up his immortal position…

As for being reluctant?

What was there to be reluctant about?!

The power of the immortal position ultimately didn’t belong to Fang Jinyu. However, Fang Jinyu didn’t just want to be a True Immortal for the rest of his life. Before he became immortal, he had planned to become an immortal king. After being immortal, how could he give up his dream? “However, I’m facing the problem of how to give up my immortal position…” When Fang Jinyu thought of it, he began to feel troubled.

Although Fang Jinyu’s current immortal position was still the position of the Immortal Lord of Justice, he was already the well-deserved master of the Immortal Palace!

Fang Jinyu was the Immortal Palace’s Green Emperor!

With Fang Jinyu’s status, not to mention giving up his immortal position, even a casual action was enough to make some immortals feel uneasy.

After all, the Virtual Jade Heaven’s four great immortal races’ ending was still vivid in their minds.

All the immortals in the immortal realm knew that the Immortal Palace’s Green Emperor dared to kill them! After the Immortal Palace chased away the “Immortals of Heaven,” nobody in the Immortal Palace could suppress the Green Emperor anymore!

The other Emperor of the Immortal Palace, the Seventh Division Grand Emperor, could only be on equal footing with the Green Emperor.

Thus, Fang Jinyu called out to a certain little girl in his heart.

If Fang Jinyu couldn’t decide on something, he would look for Qing Fu!

“Mother, why are you looking for me?” The soft voice soon sounded, but this time she sounded a little muffled as if she were sulking.

Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but ask curiously, “My situation isn’t urgent. Are you a little unhappy?” After all, the little girl used to be happy-go-lucky. It was rare for her to be angry.

Fang Jinyu thought, “Won’t it be a pity if she didn’t share her unhappiness to make me happy?

“Mother, are you thinking that I’ll tell you about my unhappy things so that you can be happy?” The soft voice naturally wouldn’t fall for it.

“How is that possible? How can I be such a wicked person?” Although Fang Jinyu thought so in his heart, how could he admit it?

“Is that so…”

The soft voice deliberately dragged out the last syllable and took the initiative to say, “Mother, I went to look for three people I knew in the past according to the information in my memory. In the end, they didn’t approve of what I did!”

Fang Jinyu instantly “understood” that the little girl had most likely gone to challenge people who had stepped onto the “heavenly cultivation path” and lost.

After all, the little girl often did it in the Sea of Realms.

However, it was fine. As long as the immortal kings didn’t appear, the “Immortals of Heaven” could run amok in the immortal realm.

Therefore, Fang Jinyu said, “That’s because they’re too old. They have solid knowledge. Moreover, how can they not be arrogant when they’ve made some achievements? Peaceful negotiations are only on the surface. In reality, maybe they all looked down on each other!”

Fang Jinyu’s words were just to comfort the little girl.

“Moreover, although they might have experienced more than you and have higher authorities than you in many matters, it’s very likely that it’s not that they’re experienced. It’s just that they’ve used the same method to do things for many years…”

Fang Jinyu’s encouragement came one after another. He had no idea who he was talking about and thought that it was the three “exalted immortals” that the little girl knew.

Fang Jinyu didn’t know what the little girl did that wasn’t recognized, but he was very good at comforting people!

As long as Fang Jinyu said what the other party liked to hear!

“Mother, you’re up to your name!”

Qing Fu praised Fang Jinyu sincerely.

However, Fang Jinyu didn’t fall for it. Seeing that he was almost done comforting her, he asked about his matters.

“Mother, you said you wanted to give up your immortal position?”

Qing Fu wasn’t surprised by it. Her soft voice was exceptionally calm, and she said, “Mother, you only need to meet Xin Qianqian’s reincarnated body, Shi Xiaoyue, without hiding it from the Immortal Lord of Hall. Afterward, you can take the initiative to tell him that she’s the reincarnation of your cultivation partner!”

“Why?” Fang Jinyu was somewhat puzzled.

After all, what did it have to do with Immortal Lord of Hall?

“Mother, it’s because someone has long wanted to chase you away! At that time, the other party could use it to force you to hand over your immortal position’s power and authority!” There was a hint of schadenfreude in her soft voice.

“Is it Tai Er?”

Fang Jinyu subconsciously said, but then he changed his words. “No, it should be the path of justice!”

At this moment, Qing Fu revealed the answer to the riddle, which enlightened Fang Jinyu. After all, it was somewhat unbelievable for Tai Er to deprive the other Immortal Lords of Justice of their authority and power.

However, if it were the Immortal Palace’s initial “path of justice,” everything would be reasonable.

After all, it was the other party’s power!

In the Immortal Palace’s initial “path of justice’s” perspective, it was just a way to regain its former power by stripping the power and authority of the other Immortal Lords of Justice.

“Thus, he wanted to strip me of the power and authority of my immortal position in the beginning. However, at that time, I had already achieved enough merits and suppressed it with the ‘heaven’s intention is equivalent to my technique,’ which helped me reserve my immortal position. It should be why he is preparing to set up a trap to force me to hand over my immortal position’s power and authority!”

After understanding it, Fang Jinyu couldn’t help but sigh at the Immortal Palace’s tricks. It seemed like one of the three “ancient Emperors” returned, but in fact, the Immortal Palace’s former ruler was withdrawing his power.

“However, I just happen to want to give up my immortal position. Since this power belongs to you, I can give you back the immortal position’s power and authority. However, I’ll find something for you to do. It can be considered

‘returning the favor’…”

Therefore, Fang Jinyu immediately told a certain little girl, “Qing Fu, after I leave the Immortal Palace, can you help me reveal Tai Er’s true identity to the public?”

“Mother, do you want me to do it secretly or publicly?” Qing Fu didn’t refuse. Her voice was filled with eagerness to do such a bad thing.

Fang Jinyu said, “Of course, anything is fine… However, if you can, it’s better to do it quietly. That way, he won’t know that you did it and won’t find trouble with you..”


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