I Became the Billionaire's Target After Pulling Out From My Marriage

Chapter 64 - 64:1 Didn’t Educate The Child Properly

Chapter 64:1 Didn’t Educate The Child Properly

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After the show was broadcasted, Lin Feng took the initiative to contact Jiang Youtian. He asked if she needed help, but Jiang Youtian politely refused.

Lin Feng was still standing up for the Jiang family in the crowd.

Lin Feng: “Xu Yuning’s mother is really not easy to deal with. This basin of dirty water is really ruthless. I called Youtian, but she rejected my help. I wonder how they plan to deal with this matter.”

Wang Jiangbei: “You don’t have to worry about that. Some people won’t let anything happen to Jiang Youyi.”

Lin Feng: “Some people? Are you talking about my Brother Lu? Brother Lu, are you planning to interfere in this matter?”

Lu Yunxiao said, “You’re underestimating her. Instead of worrying about the Jiang family, why don’t you worry about the Xu family? Jiang Youyi isn’t someone to be trifled with.”

Lin Feng: “Aiyo, what’s with your blatant arrogance and belief?”

Lu Yunxiao said, “You don’t understand her combat strength, but Wu Chen does.”

Lin Feng laughed heartily. At the thought of Wu Chen losing so much money to Jiang Youyi, he found it very funny.

Wang Jiangbei said, “Ocean City hasn’t been this lively in years. How interesting.”

Lin Feng: “It’s true. Ever since Jiang Youyi broke off the engagement, 1 feel like I’m filming a television drama every day. No one knows what will happen in the next second.”

Wang Jiangbei: “President Lu, would you like to have a drink with us?”

Lu Yunxiao said, “I don’t have time. I have to wait at home to watch the show.”

Lin Feng: “You mean Jiang Youyi will fight back soon?”

Lu Yunxiao said, “Mrs. Xu’s stage has been set up. Jiang Youyi will definitely play with her.”

Lin Feng:”… Now that you mention it, why do 1 feel that Jiang Youyi is quite scary?”

Lu Yunxiao knew very well that Bai Bing was definitely behind all of this. She had already started to take action. Moreover, she had chosen the Xu family, which Jiang Youyi had offended, to play along with Xu Yuning’s mother mercilessly and push Jiang Youyi back to the center of the storm.

After the netizens who did not know the truth saw the video, they could not help but stand on the moral high ground and curse Jiang Youyi. Bai Bing was ruthless and used a despicable move.

Bai Bing was far from being as gentle and sensible as she looked. When Jiang Youyi’s best friend, Zhong Xiaohui, saw the interview, she almost ran over and tore the roof off Xu Yuning’s house. After calming down, she immediately found someone to register more than ten alternate accounts for her and went online to confront those brainless haters who scolded Jiang Youyi. She even spent tens of thousands of yuan to hire professional trolls to scold those haters online.

However, these were just a drop in the bucket. Mrs. Xu’s superb acting skills made most people who saw the interview choose to believe everything she said unconditionally. In the end, no matter who spoke up for Jiang Youyi online, a large number of haters would flood the comments section and crazily insult the people who spoke. They would not even consider the truth of those words. They would only believe the so-called truth that they were willing to believe.

Zhong Xiaohui was so angry that she could not even eat. She kept bombarding Jiang Youyi with WeChat messages.

Zhong Xiaohui: “Did these people not even finish nine years of compulsory education? Do they have no brains at all? And you, why didn’t you say anything?”

Jiang Youyi: “Huh? I’m eating snail noodles. Wait for me.”

Zhong Xiaohui: “I’m really impressed. Are you the reincarnation of a pig? Why are you still talking about noodles at a time like this?”

Jiang Youyi: “Calm down, calm down.”

Zhong Xiaohui said, “You’re calm. If you don’t explain now, you’ll become a rat that everyone wants to beat up.”

Jiang Youyi: “Do you think this is called being infamous?”

Zhong Xiaohui: “Sister, why are you still in the mood to joke at a time like this? Even if everyone in Ocean City spits on you, they can drown you, do you know that?”

Jiang Youyi was wearing cartoon pajamas. She lazily brushed her makeup as she looked up at the time on the wall. Yes, it’s time. She slowly opened her Weibo and uploaded five recordings with her small hands—then posted them one by one.

The first was Xu Yuning’s father, Xu Hao’s apologetic voice—

“Brother Jiang, 1 didn’t educate a good child. Our corporation has had too many things to do this year. I was busy with work every day and neglected to educate the child. That’s why he fooled around with women outside behind Youyi’s back and even made the other woman pregnant. Our family has let you down in this matter. We can understand if Youyi wants to break off the engagement.”

His voice was very recognizable. Ordinary people could not imitate it.

The second was obviously Mrs. Xu’s calm voice. “In-law, we’ve known each other for a long time, and you know what kind of person our family is. Yuning did go overboard in this matter, but 1 can guarantee you that no matter how he plays outside, those people are just putting on an act. Youyi will always be the legitimate wife of our Xu family. As long as she’s willing to marry into our family, her status will never be shaken..”


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