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Chapter 395 - 395: Emergency Rescue! (Part 3)

Chapter 395: Emergency Rescue! (Part 3)

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At the same time, dozens of helicopters hovered in the air, trying to save more lives.

However, the tsunami had left the city in ruins at just a moment’s notice, drowning it in seawater. Moreover, its speed didn’t slow down at all as it spread in all directions!

Gardens, fountains, parking lots, bungalows, pavilions, squares, schools, commercial streets… Where the waves went, they would all be engulfed by the tsunami in the blink of an eye!

Even the office building that was dozens of meters tall wasn’t spared. The moment the building was smashed, and it crumbled, countless desperate screams and screams were heart-wrenching.

The dozens of people in the building opposite looked at the terrifying scene with their faces pale.

“It’s over, we’re finished…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the tallest building in the vicinity began to shake under the violent impact of the tsunami!

It was like there was a magnitude 8 earthquake. Everything on the table fell to the ground, and the lights and decorations on the ceiling even smashed into some of them.

“All, help!”

“Don’t just stand there. Hurry up! Grab onto something solid beside you!” a middle-aged man with a serious expression shouted loudly.

“The water’s coming up. The water’s rising rapidly! There’s no escape, just give up…”

“Don’t say things like that! No one knows if we have any more chances at all until the final moment! Don’t give up and hold on tight!” That man harshly reprimanded him, giving everyone a glimmer of hope.

That was right. If they refused to hold on until their last moments, how would they know if there was truly no way out for them all?

The man hurriedly grabbed the doorknob and pulled the bar of the railing, stabilizing his body with difficulty.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the building to stop shaking, and the tsunami had already passed by and rushed forward.

“It’s… It’s over?”

“We made it!”

Everyone looked excitedly at the man who had been encouraging them and reminding them what to do.

Only then did they realize that he looked extremely imposing, and they even felt somewhat familiar with him.

However, before they could remember who he was, the entire building suddenly rumbled again!

It was even more intense than the previous one. Their feet even began to tilt to one side and fell. Some people crashed to the floor and quickly slid down!


“It’s going to collapse!!”

“Help! What do we do now?!”

The towering building quickly collapsed under the violent impact of the huge amount of seawater, accompanied by the screams of the survivors.

It formed a terrifying hole in the middle that led straight to the bottom!

More and more seawater surged in as if a floodgate had been opened to release the water. The scene was both breathtaking and terrifying.

People kept falling from the raised floorboards into the bottomless sea below.

No one knew if they would die from drowning or from the fall itself…

The middle-aged man’s lips were pale as he gripped the railing in his hand tightly. Cold sweat broke out all over his body.

“Mis… Mister!”

A boy next to him trembled as he looked at his chest. A steel bar had pierced through the man’s body, and blood had unknowingly soaked through his shirt. “Hold, hold tight!” The middle-aged man repeated weakly.

An overweight girl was crying, with tears all over her face. She shook her head in despair. “1 can’t hold on anymore. 1 can’t hold on anymore!”

In the blink of an eye, her hands which were already a deep shade of red and purple went limp, resulting in her body being dragged down by gravity and falling headfirst!

“Zhang Jianing!” The boy cried out and his vision instantly blurred.

They had previously escaped from their school. After the apocalypse descended upon them all, the students in their class traveled everywhere to survive under their teacher’s leadership. They had tried their best to return home, and some of them had been lucky enough to find their parents.

He and his deskmate, Zhang Jianing, had both witnessed their parents turn into zombies, bitten into pieces, and then smashed into pieces…The two who were originally at odds with each other began to appreciate each other.

Those who were homeless followed the teacher back to the school. However, the teacher didn’t come back after he lured the zombies away, so the class monitor led them. However, the class monitor had also just disappeared, leaving only the four of them.

And now, Zhang Jianing…


“Hey!” A girl beside him couldn’t stand it anymore and poked his arm. “Zhang Jianing is still alive.”

“Huh?” He immediately stopped crying and opened his teary eyes to see that Zhang Jianing had been grabbed by the middle-aged man beside her and was pushed back.

The others were not looking over and were all rejoicing at Zhang Jianing’s survival. However, his expression changed. “Mister?”

The middle-aged man’s chest was already soaked in dark crimson, as if the blood in his body had all been drained.

He almost let go of his hand to check if the other man was still breathing. Suddenly, the man spoke in a reprimanding tone, “Don’t move!”

The boy quickly grabbed the railing. “Mister! You’re alright. That’s great!”

“Which primary school are you from?”

“We are no longer primary school students after we pass the junior high school entrance examination.” The tall and thin boy at the side emphasized with an energetic tone.

The man’s lips twitched slightly..” Look at the window…”


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