I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 837 - 837: Twin Dragons! (1)

Chapter 837: Twin Dragons! (1)

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“Don’t worry, it’s not like the Titan Dragon Lizard doesn’t have any countermeasures!”

“Can it break free directly?”

“Didn’t you see the Titan Dragon Lizard’s fight two days ago?”

“I didn’t pay attention to that one.”

“Then you’ll find out in a moment.”

When Gu Yunfan saw the Forest Flood Dragon trapping the Titan Dragon Lizard, he did not have any smile on his face.

Because he knew that the other party had a way to escape.

The reason why he did this was to let the Forest Flood Dragon get close to the other party.

However, after the Forest Flood Dragon moved forward for only a few meters, a ball of extremely violent flames exploded from behind the wooden prison. Then, the Titan Dragon Lizard’s thick body rushed towards the Forest Flood Dragon like a demon god from hell.

Faced with the Titan Dragon Lizard’s sudden attack, neither Gu Yunfan nor the Forest Flood Dragon were prepared, so their reactions were naturally half a beat slower.

Gu Yunfan knew that the other party had the ability to breathe fire.

In his opinion, the Entanglement of the Forest and the Myriad Wood Prison could trap the other party for at least ten seconds to half a minute.

In the end, these two skills that took three seconds to form only trapped the other party for less than a second before they were directly broken through.

Moreover, the other party was like a supercar that started off with a catapult and directly collided with the Forest Flood Dragon, which was even more unexpected.

“Use the Poisonous Dragon Saliva!”

The moment Gu Yunfan gave the order, the Forest Flood Dragon opened its mouth wide. Then, a mouthful of dark green liquid flew from its mouth towards the Titan Dragon Lizard’s path.

The Titan Dragon Lizard turned its head, but because its body was too big, its shoulder was slightly rubbed by the poisonous dragon saliva.

“Chi chi chi

As soon as the Poisonous Dragon Saliva came into contact with the Titan Dragon Lizard, the sound of something being corroded sounded from its shell. At the same time, white smoke rose.

However, this damage could not stop the Titan Dragon Lizard’s charging speed. It directly collided with the Forest Flood Dragon that wanted to dodge it.


A painful dragon roar resounded in the sky above the arena.

The Titan Dragon Lizard’s sharp horns stabbed into the Forest Flood Dragon’s body.

Although it didn’t completely sink in and was immediately twisted away by the Forest Flood Dragon.

However, looking at the bleeding wound, it was obvious that the Forest Flood Dragon had been seriously injured.

Although the Forest Flood Dragon had the Green Dragon Bloodline, it did not have any recovery skills.

It could only twist his body and retreat to the side. Then, it spat out a mouthful of Withered Tree Breath at the Titan Dragon Lizard that was charging at it again.

Wherever the breath went, all the flowers and plants began to wither rapidly.

As soon as the Titan Dragon Lizard touched it, the carapace on its body began to age rapidly, turning from its original brown color to incomparably grayish-white.

This forced it to distance itself from the Forest Flood Dragon again.

Then, it opened its mouth wide and used the fire breath that had just broken through the wooden prison to disperse the “poisonous fog”.

After this series of confrontations, the two of them had barely reached a draw.

Although the wounds on the Forest Flood Dragon’s body seemed to be bleeding a lot, it was still acceptable for a big creature like it.

It was the same for the Titan Dragon Lizard.

The damage it has suffered so far has been superficial.

The attacks were all blocked by the outer shell.

However, after sensing the strength of the other party’s breath and venom, the Titan Dragon Lizard became much more cautious.

But even so, it still chose to go head-on.

After all, it did not have any long-range attacks.

The Flame Breath only had a range of a few meters, but the other party’s attack was different. The Poisonous Dragon Saliva could be sprayed very far away, and the Withered Tree Breath could also float slowly and cover the arena.

If it really pulled away, the Titan Dragon Lizard would only die.

Therefore, after another “catapult”, the Titan Dragon Lizard that spewed flames in the air and broke the venom and withered tree breath in front of it appeared beside the Forest Flood Dragon again.

However, this time, the Titan Dragon Lizard did not poke the Forest Flood Dragon.

It did not really want to do that.

Using horns to attack was just a cover.

Its real killer move was the huge “hammer” on its tail.


In an extremely short period of time, the tail of the Titan Dragon Lizard smashed into the Forest Flood Dragon at a speed that exceeded the speed of sound.



Two voices sounded at the same time.

The former was a wail, while the latter was a venting roar.

Although the attack only hit the back of the Forest Flood Dragon’s body and didn’t hurt its main internal organs, it almost broke its body.

The part that was hit by the hammer sank into a hole.

The intense pain forced the Forest Flood Dragon to twist its body to ease it.

On the other hand, the Titan Dragon Lizard took advantage of the situation. As it used its horns to push forward and its claws to scratch, its huge hammer tail swung again.

Facing attacks from three directions at the same time, the Forest Flood Dragon was really a little flustered this time.

It twisted its body and barely dodged the powerful sledgehammer, but it could not avoid the horns and claws.

The two long and thick beasts started fighting in the arena.

At first, the Forest Flood Dragon was a little suppressed.

However, after regaining its strength, it began to use its advantage of being more than ten meters longer than the Titan Dragon Lizard to tie it up.

The Titan Dragon Lizard naturally wouldn’t let the Forest Flood Dragon tie it up just like that. It began to tear the other party apart crazily with its claws.

Seeing that the Forest Flood Dragon’s blood was about to accumulate into a small pool under its body, it suddenly spat out a mouthful of Withered Tree Breath at the upper body and head of the Titan Dragon Lizard.

Although the Titan Dragon Lizard was not completely tied up.

However, its lower body was still unable to move.

It could only barely dodge a little, but a large part of its abdomen was still stuck by the Withered Tree Breath.

Its abdomen, which did not have any defensive capabilities to begin with, immediately began to age from the impact of the breath.

Not only was its skin affected, but even its internal organs suffered the same attack.

This caused a considerable portion of the Titan Dragon Lizard’s internal organs to quickly necrotize.

At this moment, it was no longer able to fight the Forest Flood Dragon.

Instead, it subconsciously wanted to curl up its body to protect its abdomen.

When Liu Yun saw this scene and heard the Titan Dragon Lizard’s wail, she immediately chose to admit defeat.

At the same time, she was so anxious that she was about to cry.

“Gu Yunfan is the victor!”

Before Su Hongcheng could completely announce the results of the competition, the Titan Dragon Lizard was put back into the Beast Taming Index by Liu Yun. At the same time, this girl even glared at Gu Yunfan with tears streaming down her face.

This made Gu Yunfan feel a little awkward.

He did not expect the other party to cry…

But it was impossible for him to hold back!

If it weren’t for the fact that the Forest Flood Dragon’s body was long enough to wrap around the Titan Dragon Lizard, it would have been beaten to death.

Even so, the Forest Flood Dragon still won miserably.

Although there were two days off from the semifinals, Gu Yunfan couldn’t guarantee that he could cure the Forest Flood Dragon completely.

It could only be said that it was a good thing that there were two days.

If there was another competition the next day, Gu Yunfan felt that he would just admit defeat.

There was a fracture on the Forest Flood Dragon’s body, several bone-deep wounds, and two bloody holes that were bleeding.

He didn’t dare to let the Forest Flood Dragon stay in the arena for long. He immediately put it back into the Beast Taming Index and then had time to enjoy the cheers from below the arena.

A bitter victory was still a victory!

This was what the winner deserved!

On the Broadback Giant Eagle, Lin Ye watched the battle between the two “dragons” and felt that it was quite exciting.

At the same time, he realized the limitations of this arena…

It wasn’t big enough. It wasn’t realistic enough.

There were still too many restrictions.

Although an arena of the size of a football field was already very big.

However, when two beasts more than 10 to 20 meters tall appeared, they seemed to be a little stretched.

It just so happened that Jiangzhou City was expanding. It seemed like… it was time to create a wider, larger, and more realistic competition venue..


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