Lucky Marriage: Bigshot's Pampered Wife

Chapter 261 - 261: This Face Is Too Lethal

Chapter 261: This Face Is Too Lethal

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Hearing these harsh words, Gu Wan’an instantly exploded.

“All of you shut up!”

Gu Wan’an shouted with a cold face.

The crowd, which had originally been chattering, was silenced by her yelling.

Her line of sight passed through the crowd and landed straight on the woman wearing a black down jacket in the middle.

“You, apologize to my husband!”

The woman in the black down jacket froze, pointing back at herself; “Are you talking about me?”

“Nonsense, who else could it be if not you? Weren’t you the one who called my husband a pervert?”

Gong Mingye quietly sat behind her without uttering a word.

However, the corners of his mouth curled up faintly.

Since childhood, for the first time, someone stood up for him.

It turned out that being protected by someone felt so warm.

“It’s just a small discussion. Is there a need to be so serious?”

Not only did the woman in black not apologize, but she also spoke arrogantly.

“He even wrapped himself up like a dumpling. He must be ashamed of himself. It’s true that ugly people cause more trouble. It’s fine if you’re ugly, but it’s your fault for running out to scare people.”

The child’s mother echoed, “That’s right, that’s right. Who knows what the hell he looks like?”

Gu Wan’an was furious!

D*mn it!

Is Gong Mingye’s face, which even gods envy, something that they, a group of ugly monsters, can discuss?

“Hubby, take off your mask and sunglasses.”

Gong Mingye was so shocked by the word ‘hubby’ that he didn’t react for a long time.

Not getting a response, Gu Wan’an turned her head curiously.

It was then that Gong Mingye came back to his senses; “Hmm?”

“Show your 365-degree handsome face and blind their dog eyes!”

Gong Mingye raised his eyebrows, his face full of helplessness.

His tone conveyed indulgence as he said, “Forget it.”

Gu Wan’an frowned and urged, “Stop nagging. Hurry up!”

Gong Mingye couldn’t help feeling amused.

Forget it. The little girl was just trying to help him vent his anger. It was fine to show his face in public. It wasn’t a big deal anyway.

His long, bony fingers removed the mask, hat, and sunglasses one by one.

His face was revealed in front of everyone.


Instantly, everyone gasped.

Immediately followed by loud screams; “Ahhhhh! So handsome!”

“The male celebrities on TV are nothing compared to him. I suddenly feel like I’m in love!”

“Look at his fingers. They’re so long and beautiful!”

“What should 1 do? I’m so envious of his wife. She must be very happy to look at this beautiful face every day.”

“If I had such a husband, 1 would definitely treat him like a treasure. No one could bully him!”

“It’s true that when God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.”

“How could such a beautiful man push a child?”

“That’s right. There are so many naughty kids nowadays. Maybe he fell by himself.”

“Anyway, 1 don’t believe he pushed him, it definitely wasn’t him!”

The woman in black blushed and was a little out of breath.

She didn’t even dare to stare at the man’s face, feeling that she wasn’t worthy and would profane him.

“Righ… Right… I’m sorry…”

Stammering and dropping a sentence, she fled in haste.

Gu Wan’an;”…”


Had she known that the killing power of his face was so great, why would she have wasted such a long time tearing each other apart with a group of women, is she sick?

This is a world where looks matter!

It even reminded her of a wise saying.

As long as the villain looks good, the three views follow the five senses!


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