Chapter 339 Battle Ends

Chapter 339 Battle Ends

In terms of speed, the dark elf surpassed him, but their strength was on a similar level, and with Alex's ability to manipulate the surrounding darkness, he had an edge in battle.

The dark elf was an assassin, with her strongest suit being her refined senses, her ability to remove her presence, and her agility, but they were of little help in a situation where she was facing a constant barrage of physical and magical attacks.

It took her moments to notice that her attacks were not working, and as she tried to create distance, Alex got the opportunity he wanted.

As she stepped back, using a similar technique that was a mix of the skywalk and phantom step, Alex instantly released the energy on his wings into a chaotic burst that resulted in mutual damage.

But the chaotic wave also stopped the lady from stepping back, leaving her vulnerable for just an instant, and she recovered quickly by sending two slashes forward as she regained her footing.

However, Alex was one step ahead of her as the moment he felt she was going to retreat, he released a chaotic burst of energy, and in the next moment, he used the phantom walk, and he was behind her, his sword seamlessly moving forward aimed at her heart.

Alex's sword pierced through her back, finding its mark in her heart, and in the fleeting moment when she realized the imminent danger, she was powerless, caught mid-motion as she slashed her daggers forward.

Alex intensified the flow of chaotic energy on his sword, destroying her heart in an instant while doing tremendous damage to her organs, and when he felt her state was beyond recovery from any normal means, he swiftly vanished, moving toward the next target.

It took Alex just a few moments to kill the second individual, who was the human who threw the first punch, and as he was a brawler by nature, his strongest forte was his strength.

So, drowning him in elemental attacks before plunging his sword through his neck to end his life, same as the dark elf lady, took little work.

Alex's dominating peak fifth Rank individuals was partially because of his strength and skills, but the environment created by the dark sun and the fear he had put in their hearts using the soul skill was a major reason why they could not perform to the best of their abilities.

Alex skillfully manipulated his clones, directing them to engage the barbarian and the dragonkin lady, preventing them from going after the dark sun, which even though they had a barrier of gravity, was nothing that could take multiple attacks from a fifth Rank individual.

If the source was eliminated, the surrounding darkness would dissipate within a mere twenty seconds, which wouldn't affect his plan as now everything was almost set in stone.

Still, he would rather not let that happen and push his luck against multiple individuals who have much to lose if they didn't take his head off.

But after close to twenty seconds and two individuals down, Alex saw the dragonkin lady zooming toward the sky, clearly aiming to take either leave or take out the source of darkness, and her intention quickly became apparent.

As she zoomed toward the center, Alex saw her movement and instantly turned around, letting the human swordsman leave the bounds of darkness and swiftly move toward her.

Alex reached closer to the suspended mass of darkness and saw the dragonkin lady, her clawed hands inch away from each other with a small mass of virulent green energy revolving amidst them, turning darker by the moment.

Without a moment of delay, Alex took out a spear before winding his arm back as he cloaked the spear in a veil of chaotic energy before throwing it with all his might, aimed at the concentrated energy ball.

Alex didn't aim for the head because he knew that at the speed he could throw the spear, it would be sensed and avoided easily, making him miss a golden opportunity to injure the strongest remaining individual.

The dragonkin lady sensed the spear coming, and in the short instant she had, she released the elemental attack that exploded into the thick, pungent clod of eroding poison while she moved her wings and arms in the way of the spear.

Alex was expecting such results, so he appeared behind her, holding his sword pulsing with sword intent and null energy as he swung it diagonally down, aiming to slice her from shoulder down to her waist.

Alex expected her to either move forward or to the side to minimize the damage she would take, and that's what she did, as she swiftly spun around to the right with her arm raised to take the sword slash while she moved back.

In the blink of an eye, the sword cleanly sliced through her arm just above the elbow with little resistance, but that slight delay also gave her the opportunity to swiftly move backward and put some distance between herself and Alex.

The dragonkin lady looked enraged, her displeasure evident as she reacted to the sneak attack, telling him if he had no pride.

But Alex couldn't care less of her complaint and taunts, knowing she was just buying some time to recover before launching a relentless assault.

The battle with her lasted thirty-four seconds, and despite her injury, it took considerable effort to defeat her as she also successfully poisoned Alex using an extremely thin needle and giving him small flesh wounds.

The battle ended with Alex setting her up in a defenseless position and using the Phantom Sword Flash to land tens of strikes that ended with him plunging his sword through her neck.

The ensuing battle with the barbarian proved to be simple, as the rage-driven fighter remained within the confines of darkness, anticipating a fierce struggle.

However, Alex didn't grant his adversary the intense battle he sought, and instead, he concluded the confrontation with a minor soul slash, followed by a reaper slash that claimed the barbarian's head.

Only a little over a minute had passed since the battle started, yet by now, Alex was feeling exhausted, with it being mostly mental as fighting individuals with stats higher than him was pretty taxing, on top of using the wide-range soul skill and using two of his new skills in a short span.

After the killing of the barbarian, only two individuals were left, one being a fire mage and the other being a swordsman, so Alex left the darkness area, knowing he had less than a minute left before he would start to lose control over his chaos wings and without them fight would be struggle.

However, Alex didn't simply walk out. Instead, he created his doppelganger and made him leave first while he waited for a few moments, knowing the tension among the remaining two would be high, and they would be prepared to attack him on sight.

As anticipated, a sphere of flames hurtled toward his doppelganger the moment it departed, accompanied by a barrage of elemental sword slashes.

Amidst the ensuing chaos, Alex swiftly zoomed through the darkness, homing in on the mage, and before the mage could respond to the imminent threat, a sword was ruthlessly plunged into his head.

The battle against the swordsman lasted for a few seconds, as Alex dominated him in a battle with both sword skills and elemental attacks, and having seen the fate of his short-lived companions, he only put up a desperate struggle, leaving him vulnerable.

After killing the last individual, Alex had a smile on his face, knowing well that in normal circumstances, the same feet of strength would be almost impossible to replicate.

However, Alex was happy with what he was capable of at his current strength and knew at fourth Rank, he could for sure repeat what he did today.


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