Reincarnated as the Demon King's Son

Chapter 635 635 Delay

Chapter 635 635 Delay

The stadium, once a place of joy and celebration, had turned into a nightmare. The air was thick with the metallic scent of blood, and the echoing screams of terrified humans mixed with the guttural growls of the xenomorphs.

Amidst the chaos, families were torn apart. Parents desperately tried to shield their children from the advancing xenomorphs, their faces contorted in terror. Lovers clung to each other, their final moments spent in a tight embrace as the xenomorphs closed in. Elderly individuals, who had come to witness the grand event, were now running for their lives, their frail bodies pushed to their limits in a desperate attempt to escape.

The xenomorphs, their sleek, chitinous bodies glistening in the dim light, moved with terrifying speed and precision. They pounced on their prey, their razor-sharp claws tearing through flesh and bone. Limbs were severed, and bodies were mutilated in the most gruesome manner imaginable. The ground was slick with blood, making every step treacherous for those attempting to flee.

The police, despite their training, were overwhelmed by the sheer number and ferocity of the xenomorphs. Gunfire echoed through the stadium as officers tried to fend off the relentless horde, but their efforts seemed futile against the alien onslaught.

Salamander gritted his teeth when he saw this. He just realized that the security here was extremely lacking. The local defense department didn't even have the las-gun which was the most basic weapon in the current era of the Imperium. This meant that the planet was extremely backward compared to the majority of human worlds.

"Salamander," Aldred called from his intercom. "Have you send the message to Commander Gaius?"

Salamander almost forgot about his task because he was so shock stricken. "I am sending one right now."

Immediately, Salamander recorded the horrific scene and transferred it directly to the commander.

Commander Gaius immediately read the message, he had been waiting for some time now. He opened the file and watched the recording intently with a frown.

"Glad I decide to listen to these men." Deep inside, Commander Gaius actually did not believe that Aldred would find a planet infested with Xenos gene-stealer. The last case of an Eclipse was more than 300 years ago, and it was an extremely rare occurrence.

With a grunt, Gaius pressed a button and spoke: "I have received your message, Salamander. I will be deploying my troops to your world."

"Yes, sir! Please hurry. Every second, hundreds of lives died."

"I know."

The call ended.

"What he say?" Aldred asked.

"He's sending his troops. It won't be long before he arrive."

Aldred glanced at the stadium and saw the people were being killed in masses. "How long exactly?"

Salamander opened his comms and took out the data regarding Gaius' troops location. "They are currently 40 light-years away. So, it will take around 3 minutes."

Aldred gritted his teeth. "Three minutes is too damn long. Not just in this stadium, there are people being killed in every part of this planet."

Salamander couldn't reply to that. They could try fighting the xenos right now, but it would be futile. According to their predictions, 50% of the population should be alien. Fighting against them all would be something unthinkable.

Suddenly, his comms beeped.

"Are they here?" Aldred asked.

Salamander's face darkened. His lips trembled and cold sweat formed on his forehead.

Aldred frowned, preparing for the worst. "What is it?"

"Listen to this." Salamander pressed on a button.

The button activate a voice message from Commander Gaius.

"Our arrivals are delayed. The demonic forces intercept us during the warp. An entire battalion of them are heading towards us. I have called the the Novastra Cluster Defense Department, but all of them are currently being attacked by Lord Malgorth's forces. There is no telling when we can reinforce you. Our best prediction is three days. For now, do what you think is the best course of action."

Aldred gritted his teeth. They couldn't wait for three minutes, but now they had to wait for 3 days? The entire population would already be massacred during that time.

"There is no other choice. We have to fight."

"Aldred, there are over 4 billion xenos on this planet. How do you expect us to fight?"

Suddenly, eleven xenos creatures, larger than other xenos, landed on the stage.

They bowed towards Aldred. "Master, please began the ritual."

Aldred smiled. "Sure."

Aldred raised his arms, chanting in a language unknown to any human ears. His voice resonated with a strange power, weaving intricate patterns in the air. The xenomorphs, their menacing eyes fixed on Aldred, began to hiss and snarl, seemingly responding to his alien incantations.

"Zylok na'shurin, thalak'thorin! Gorgulith s'tharok, xenos eldrin!" Aldred's voice echoed with unnatural resonance, the words twisting and warping into incomprehensible sounds. The air crackled with energy, and the ground beneath them trembled as if the very planet was responding to his call.

The eleven larger xenos, their heads adorned with elaborate crests, chittered excitedly in response. Their loyalty to Aldred, the Master, was unwavering. They believed in his power, a force that transcended the boundaries of their understanding.

However, the energy suddenly exploded into an unstable and chaotic vibration.

The eleven elders opened their eyes, but it was too late.

Aldred, with fierce flame covering his whole body, raised a strange, serrated, sharp blade and slashed them in half.

The elders screamed as their torso got separated from the their thighs.

"Master, what is the meaning of this?"

"The ritual need more sacrifice in order for it to work." Aldred said as he slowly approached them dragging the man-length blade across the floor.

"Master, I do not believe you need to sacrifice us. There are over billions of our brethren on this planet. Sacrificing a billion or two won't be a problem."

Aldred grinned. "I don't care." He slashed them into pieces.

Their meat scattered on the floor as Aldred lazily looked at their remnants. "Arise."

Suddenly, the amalgamation of flesh, muscles, organs, and blood reconstructed itself into eleven monsters that looked just like the elders, but with a touch of darkness aura weaving around them.

Aldred, clenching his fist, said: "Hm, my power return bit by bit."

Salamander was shocked to hear that. What kind of power did he just witness. With a single word, the aliens he minced into pieces restored themselves. But, the aliens now seem to become Aldred's puppet by how they behave.

"Master," the eleven alien undead called.

"With this power, I should be able to reduce the number of casualties on this planet."

Aldred glance at Salamander which made the man shivered in fear. "Salamander, kill every aliens you see."

"Y—yes," Salamander stumbled on his words. Aldred's eyes looked so different as if he was a completely different person.

Aldred then vanished along with his new alien servants.

Salamander took in a deep breath and turned around. "Well, you heard him. Let's kill these aliens!"

Everyone was shock stricken, but nodded and charged towards the aliens.

The aliens became confused immediately. They thought Salamander and the team were their allies, but they began to kill them.

Salamander activated every arsenal on his power armor. His drones floated above him, sending laser beams at quick succession.

Two integrated plasma cannon mounted on his shoulders fired high-energy plasma projectiles at the aliens, causing devastating impact that blasted them into smithereens.

However, because the numbers of these aliens were too large, they manage to surround him from every direction.

"Everyone, push to the east. We will take our ground there!"

The team immediately focused their firepower towards the easy, and they arrived at a large wall.

The team put their back on the wall as they blasted all the incoming aliens towards them.

The wall provide cover, so they didn't have to watch out for their rear.

Salamander, clad in his advanced power armor, stood his ground at the wall, his visor scanning the battlefield. With swift and precise movements, he unleashed a barrage of energy blasts from his arsenal, disintegrating the xenomorphs that dared to approach. His drones buzzed around him, adding their firepower to the mix, creating a deadly perimeter of laser beams and plasma projectiles.

Cleome crackled with electricity, her eyes glowing with raw power. With a swift motion of her hands, she summoned bolts of lightning that arced through the air, striking the xenomorphs in their tracks. The smell of ozone filled the air as the aliens convulsed and twitched under the onslaught of electricity.

Shinari melded into the darkness, becoming one with the shadows. She emerged suddenly, her form flickering in and out of existence as she slashed through the xenomorphs with razor-sharp shadow blades. The aliens screamed in agony as they were shredded by the darkness itself, their forms dissipating like smoke.

Cellaeth, possessing extreme strength, agility, and reflexes, fought with unparalleled ferocity. With each swing of her fists, she sent xenomorphs flying, their bodies crashing into their comrades. Her movements were a blur, and her punches were like thunderclaps, shattering the alien creatures with sheer brute force.

Elralya unleashed her mental prowess, sending waves of psychic energy that crushed the minds of the xenomorphs. Their screams echoed in her mind as she delved into their thoughts, overwhelming them with fear and confusion. Some xenomorphs clutched their heads, writhing in pain, while others simply dropped dead, unable to withstand the assault on their consciousness.

She also aided her allies by reducing any distracting thoughts or emotions within her allies' mind.

Suddenly, the whole stadium shook violently. The vibration was so extreme that buildings collapsed immediately, including the stadium. The vibration was equivalent to 9.5 magnitude in the Richter scale.

That kind of vibration could cause a tsunami over 700 meter tall.

Elralya looked up and her face turned horrid. "This can't be."


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