Reincarnated with the Mind Control Powers in Another World.

Chapter 528 Chapter-528

Over one thousand soldiers are standing on the grounds of the northern valley in a very organized pattern, and they are looking toward the dark forest in front of them, waiting for their king.

"Oi, Human scum... Why the hell are you standing like that? Waiting for your dead king or something? Hahahaha..." A dragon soldier shouted and laughed as he looked at the Human soldiers.

"I think they are getting ready to attack us again... Hahaha."

"Well, dear humans, don't sweat it... We can just burn you down without any problems. Hahaha."

"Here... You guys want some more wine or a naked girl? You can have it all; just cross that barrier, and you can have it."

"Brother, don't say that... These guys will really come running, hahaha..."

"What a bunch of stupid losers."

The dragon soldiers started laughing and mocking the humans as they showed them the booze and a naked dragon girl once again to lure them back in.

"No one will move from their position, and if you dare to move... I will kill you before these fuckers. Do you understand?" Dome asked with a very loud voice.

"Yes, Sir." All the soldiers shouted together.

"I DON'T HEAR YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS.... DID YOU SAY SOMETHING?" Dome shouted even louder this time.

"YES, SIR." The soldiers replied with an even higher tone of voice.

"Hey, guys... What if I gave you a good offer? We won't kill you guys; you can come here and join us." Their leader spoke as he stepped out of his tent.

He had red scales over his hands and a big, thick red tail wagging behind him, with two naked dragon chicks curled around his hands. One can easily tell that he was an original dragon and not a mutated one.

"Leader... We greet you."

"Long live, Commander."

"My leadership."

The dragon soldiers immediately bowed down to him as they acknowledged him as their leader.

"Stand up..." The leader spoke.

"Leader, we were just playing with them and-"

"I know, I heard your voices... That's why I am here. So, humans... I have a very good offer that might pique your interest in joining us.

I, as the leader of these dragon warriors, am proposing a very good deal for anyone who is willing to join us.

We will provide you with good food until your little life ends, we will provide you with any human girl that you point towards to empty your balls, and we will give you the most important thing of all, Power.

In return, all I want is... Your loyalty. So, who is interested? Please step forward and cross this border to show your support for your new and better family.

As a welcome gift, I will be giving out this expensive wine and this girl to you for the night. My offer is only valid for 1 guy at a time. So, come and get your gifts." The leader spoke.I think you should take a look at

Everyone knew it was a trap; the dragon soldiers started laughing under their breath as they heard this. They knew their leader was just playing with the humans, and that's why he only called out to one human.

One minute passed, but not even one soldier moved from their position. The human soldiers weren't stupid either... They knew it was a trap, but not every one of them was that intelligent.

Suddenly, a man covered in a black coat started walking towards the dragons.

His hands are vibrating, and he is walking weird as if his right leg is injured. His face is covered in the hood of his coat.

"Fuck... What are you doing, man? It's a fucking trap. They will kill you." A human soldier spoke as he grabbed that man's shoulder and tried to stop him.

"Let him go... He has lost to his lust and greed. It's futile to stop him; it's no use keeping him here anymore." Dome spoke as he looked at the soldier who was stopping the man covered with the black hoodie.

"What a foolish Human ? He got sucked in by his evil desires and now they are going to cost him his life. No wonder 99% of humans are weak." Mike spoke as he sighed.

"Y-Yes, Sir. Think about it and go back, man... You have a family or someone you can return to, right?" The soldier spoke as he tried to stop him one last time before removing his hand from his shoulder.

"I don't have anyone to return to... I am alone." The man in the black hoodie spoke as he continued to walk forward, and at last, he crossed the border.

"Hahahaha.... He crossed the border."

"What a fucking fool?"

"He really fell for that."

The dragon soldiers started laughing immediately as they looked at the man in the black hoodie. One dragon soldier moved at a very high speed and blocked the way back to the human side.

"You can't go back now, brother. Not alive, that's for sure... Hahaha." He laughed as he summoned his sword.

"No, no... Don't touch him. He is my prey." The team leader spoke as he walked up to the human and tapped his shoulder.

"So, you are the fool... Who fell into my trap, huh...? I mean, why would you even come here? Are you that stupid, really?

Can't you understand what that guy was telling you? Well, since you are here, you are going to die anyway. And since I am a very generous person, I will grant you one last wish.

You can ask for anything, and I will fulfill it—wine, women, food, or money... Well, not like you can do anything with it because you will be dead as soon as your wish is granted. And don't ask to return, or I will kill you immediately.

So, ask, human... What do you need as your last wish?" The dragon leader asked.

"What's your name?" The human in the black hoodie asked.

"Hmm...? My name?" The dragon leader couldn't understand what the human meant by that.

"Yes... What is your name?" The human asked, once again.

"Okay, my name is Rok. Was that your last wish, to know my name?" Rok asked with a smile.

"No, my last wish is.... I want to sing." The human spoke.


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