Stepped Over Her Vicious Stepsister To Become The True Bigshot!

Chapter 616 - 616: Making Fake Accounts

Chapter 616: Making Fake Accounts

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This was also one of the reasons why Hu Wei was smug.

“If Miss Gu wants to learn about this, I can give you some pointers.” Hu Wei did not think that Gu Man could discover anything fishy about the bill. After all, no one around Old Master Cui had discovered it. How could a little girl discover it?

Therefore, he was even more proud that Gu Man had taken a fancy to his accounting ability and wanted to learn a thing or two.

Unexpectedly, Gu Man sneered when she heard this. Her expression was even colder. “This bill is nonsense. Do you think that what you did won’t be discovered?”

Hu Wei was shocked, but he subconsciously denied it. “How is that possible? Miss Gu, I think you don’t understand the bill at all.”

His tone was filled with doubt and sarcasm. He was just short of pointing at Gu Man’s nose and scolding her for not understanding sh*t.

Gu Man leaned back and leaned against the back of the chair to size up Hu Wei. “If you don’t want others to know, don’t do it.”

She casually took out a few documents and threw them in front of Hu Wei.

The paper fell to the ground from the sky with Gu Man’s throw and spread out in front of Hu Wei.

He looked down and his face turned pale when he saw the bills. Cold sweat broke out.

Although it was very normal for someone in a high position to often seek benefits, if they were discovered, they would definitely be expelled.

However, how could he be discovered? He had not been continuously making fake accounts. It was just that he had filled in a little more funds for projects occasionally so that he could reap the benefits.

But everything he did was easily discovered. What he was proud of was nothing in front of Gu Man.

Hu Wei squatted down shakily and picked up the bills with his fingers. Before he completely saw the contents, Hu Wei actually had some hope in his heart, but when he saw the bills on the ground, his heart completely turned cold.

It was exactly everything he did. All the fake accounts he had done in the past five years had been dug out.

Hu Wei did not dare to underestimate Gu Man in front of him anymore. He immediately said, “Miss Gu, it’s my fault. Please don’t tell Old Master Cui, or 1’11 definitely be finished.”

Gu Man supported her chin with her hands and looked at Hu Wei. “Actually, your ability to make fake accounts is not bad. Otherwise, Old Master Cui wouldn’t have not realized it until now. It’s a pity that you met me today…”

At this point, Gu Man deliberately paused, but as a smart person, Hu Wei heard a way out. He immediately raised his head. “Miss Gu, as long as you let me off this time, 1 won’t have any complaints even if you make me work hard.”

“Very good. 1 like to interact with smart people. It’s not wrong to fake accounts. People are always greedy. I’m not against it. After all, only when there’s something they need can they have something they want. That way, I can better control you, right?” Gu Man’s young face sounded a little abrupt when she said such mature words, but they blended very well.

Hu Wei restrained all his thoughts at this moment and did not dare to play any tricks in front of Gu Man. “You’re right.”

He had put in all his effort to come this far. He could not let all his previous efforts go to waste at this moment. If word got out that he was making fake accounts, he would be despised by everyone in the entire industry and would never be able to find a job again. Therefore, Gu Man had a strong chokehold on him.

“You’ll still manage the Ziwei Industry, but 1 don’t want to discover such behavior again, but you don’t have to worry. In terms of salary and treatment, 1’11 naturally increase it for you. After all, we can’t let talents disappear.” Gu Man added.

She would slap him first before giving him candy. The trick was very useful. Even if Hu Wei knew, he was still tempted. After all, there was only one path in front of him. Whether he could continue working depended on Gu Man. Therefore, he had to take this path no matter what.

“I believe that under Miss Gu’s leadership, Ziwei Industry will become more and more glorious.” Hu Wei smiled and flattered her..


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