Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 248 - 248: One Against Three!

Chapter 248: One Against Three!

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Of course, even if they cultivated spells and were stronger than ordinary intermediate and late-stage grandmasters, they were still not his match. “Kill!”

Arroda roared and charged at Yang Luo!

“Prajna, protect Qingmei!”

Yang Luo shouted. Then, his figure flashed as he went up to fight!

Prajna protected Su Qingmei and quickly retreated!

In an instant!

Yang Luo and Arroda closed the distance and launched fierce attacks at the same time!

Arroda waved the Buddhist staff in his hand and smashed it down on Yang Luo’s head!

The power of this staff was as heavy as a thousand pounds. It was surrounded by black light and erupted with terrifying lethality!

Seeing Arroda’s staff strike over, Yang Luo twisted his fist and met it head-on! Clang!

The fist and staff collided, producing a loud ringing sound that shook Prajna and Su Qingmei’s eardrums!

Arroda originally thought that even if he could not kill Yang Luo with this staff, he could severely injure him!

However, in the next second, his expression changed as he felt a surging force sweep over!

He actually could not withstand Yang Luo’s punch and was forced back repeatedly!

Without any hesitation, Yang Luo took a step forward and transformed into a bolt of lightning that chased after Arroda!

Arroda stabilized his body and charged at Yang Luo with his Buddhist staff!

In an instant…

Yang Luo and Arroda engaged in an intense battle in the fog!

Arroda kept waving the Buddhist staff in his hand, producing black streams of light that smashed at the various fatal spots on Yang Luo’s body!

As for Yang Luo, he parried every move with his punches, causing Arroda to retreat repeatedly!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A series of terrifying collision sounds resounded non-stop!

Su Qingmei, Prajna, Weissag, and Vanado, who were watching the battle not far away, were dazzled!

However, in less than a few minutes of the intense battle, Arroda was already at a disadvantage. His body was struck by punches, causing him to grimace in pain!

After dozens of consecutive rounds!

Yang Luo twisted his waist and abdomen. He raised his right leg and swept it towards Arroda with a violent force!

Arroda was alarmed as he hurriedly raised his staff to block!

With a loud clunking sound, Arroda was knocked back more than ten meters before he stabilized himself!

Yang Luo retracted his right leg and mocked, “You dare to kill me with this little strength? Who gave you the guts?”

With that said, Yang Luo’s figure flashed, leaving an afterimage as he continued charging at Arroda!

However, just as Yang Luo charged at Arroda!

Weissag knocked on the wooden fish, Vanado moved the prayer beads, and the two of them began to chant scriptures!

As the sound of the wooden fish and the sound of the scripture sounded, the sound turned into black ripples that swept towards Yang Luo!

Yang Luo immediately felt his head spin!

Prajna and Su Qingmei were the same. They could barely stand!

“Cover your ears!”

Yang Luo quickly reminded them.

Prajna and Su Qingmei hurriedly covered their ears and felt a little better.

Arroda took this opportunity to pounce on Yang Luo. He suddenly waved his Buddhist staff and released powerful strength and True Qi towards Yang Luo! However, just as the Buddhist staff struck down!

Yang Luo twisted his fist again, violently punching out!


The power released by this punch was even greater, sending Arroda and his staff flying!

Arroda flew more than ten meters away before stabilizing his body!

He felt pain and numbness in his arm, and the blood in his body was surging out of his control.

He stared at Yang Luo intently, his eyes filled with shock, “Why aren’t you affected?”

Yang Luo sneered, “You want to affect me with just this paltry evil curse?

You’re thinking too much!”

With that said, Yang Luo’s figure flashed as he charged at Arroda!

At this moment, Weissag struck the wooden fish faster, and Vanado moved the prayer beads faster. The scriptures he chanted also sped up!

Even if they covered their ears, Su Qingmei and Prajna still found it difficult to endure!

Prajna was alright. She could circulate her cultivation to block and forcefully hold on!

However, Su Qingmei could no longer hold on and collapsed to the ground. Her face was filled with pain as she covered her ears and screamed!

Prajna’s expression darkened as she hurriedly mobilized the True Qi in her body and activated a pink True Qi barrier, enveloping herself and Prajna in it to resist the impact of the wooden fish and scriptures!

Although Yang Luo was slightly affected, he quickly calmed down!

He changed directions and planned to kill Weissag and Vanado first!

These two guys had been supporting Arroda from the side. They were really annoying!

Seeing Yang Luo charging over, Weissag and Vanado’s expressions changed drastically. They continued to chant scriptures in an attempt to stop Yang Luo! However, Yang Luo was not affected at all. He dispersed the sound waves and charged towards them!

Weissag and Vanado’s expressions darkened as they threw out the wooden fish and prayer beads in their hands at the same time!

The wooden fish and prayer beads smashed out, erupting with black beams of light that attacked Yang Luo!

There were even Yin souls that flew out and pounced at Yang Luo at the same time!

Seeing this scene, Su Qingmei was so frightened that her face turned pale and her delicate body trembled.

She had never seen such a terrifying scene or such a person.

She felt that her worldview had been overturned.

It turned out that there were such extraordinary people hidden in this world!

“Explode for me!”

Yang Luo roared and threw a punch!

With this punch, Yang Luo directly mobilized his True Qi. His fist was surrounded by a golden True Qi as he punched out angrily!


The black beams of light that shot over and the black ghosts that pounced over were all dissipated by a single punch!

The black wooden fish and prayer beads floating in the sky were also shattered into pieces by a punch!


“How can this kid be so strong?!”

Weissag and Vanado exclaimed at the same time, their eyes filled with fear.

Ever since they came to Jiang City, they had been secretly investigating Yang Luo’s information.

They originally thought that they knew Yang Luo well enough, but now, they realized that they still didn’t know all of Yang Luo’s cards.

This kid was stronger than they had imagined!

However, Yang Luo ignored their terrified expressions and charged forward like a dragon and tiger, charging towards the two of them!

“Be careful!”

Arroda also came back to his senses from his shock. He held his Buddhist staff and charged over.

Weissag and Vanado unleashed the True Qi in their bodies at the same time.

One of them clenched his fist, and the other turned into a palm and attacked Yang Luo!

“Seeking death!”

Yang Luo roared and punched out with both fists to meet the attack!

Dong! Dong!

Two thunderous sounds of collision resounded!

As the sound of collision rang out, the sound of bones breaking rang out at the same time!

The True Qi that spread out dispersed the fog!



Weissag and Vanado let out a scream as they were sent flying more than 20 meters away.

Their right arms had been completely shattered and were badly mangled.

At that moment, Arroda rushed over from behind and swung the Buddhist staff in his hand at Yang Luo’s head!


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