The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 2004 Strange Armor

Chapter 2004 Strange Armor

When everyone noticed a spatial deformation appearing above their location, they turned their attention to that place and saw something metallic, resembling full body armor, emerge from space.

This armor was all silver, four meters high, and humanoid in shape. But no one there could see what was inside it, as it perfectly covered every part of what it protected, with even the eyes covered by something.

At the eye level of this giant armor, all the people in Minos' group could see were two green lights staring at them as if they were nothing more than insects.

"That..." Minos narrowed his eyes as he focused on that thing, feeling an extraordinary sensation that his crewmates soon felt as well.

"There's something wrong with this armor." The Sea Folk woman commented as she stopped attacking and prepared her forces to deal with that thing instead of the increasingly weaker atmospheric phenomena around them.

"That thing... It doesn't have a spiritual fluctuation!" The Gorgon said as she looked into the thing's eyes and couldn't feel the soul of the being inside the armor.

The Gorgon's petrifying powers were special. They affected not only their targets' physique but also their souls. Otherwise, Sages or Demigods could survive even if their bodies were petrified by keeping their souls intact.

What made the Gorgon's power so terrifying was that it could even turn the souls of cultivators to stone!

It was because of this characteristic that Gorgons could' see' their opponents' souls, even if they didn't look them in the eye.

They could tell how difficult it would be to turn a living being into stone just by looking at them!

But when Dunyxa looked at the armor and searched for the creature underneath, she found nothing!

The rest of Minos' group also realized they couldn't feel the spiritual fluctuation of a living being inside that armor. They only felt a large amount of spiritual energy inside. Still, this sensation was the same as what they would feel in an array, something completely different from what they would feel in living beings.

"It can't be..." A level 92 Phoenix opened his mouth, imagining that there was no one behind that armor.

Minos clenched his fists and flew towards the armor, not caring if there was anyone inside it. That was definitely an opponent for his group!

Indestructible Body!

As he moved, he activated his defensive ability, transforming his soul projection and making his entire essence stronger as he attacked the silver armor with a single blow.

"Daring!" A voice came from inside the great armor, and it moved to draw a huge sword with a blade five meters long.

As it moved against Minos, the armor showed impressive speed, as fast as a level 94 Demigod.

"Shit!" The dragon immediately transformed into its bestial version and jumped off the ship to join Minos in this disadvantageous confrontation.

Simultaneously with the dragon's move, all the level 92 beasts and humans there did the same, while the weaker ones stayed on the boat to protect and support the ship.

The two mermaids looked at Titus and Bella and immediately formed a formation, finally finding an opponent to attack with their mental abilities.

Minos sensed the enemy's attack and quickly realized if he didn't change his attack, he would suffer a fatal wound.

He then manipulated space and jumped from his position onto the back of the giant metal armor.

Chaotic Gravity: Meteors of Destruction!

He opened his mouth and let out a loud scream, causing huge stone clusters to form in the sky, pulling them towards the armor that had just sliced through the void of space, missing its attack.


The dragon opened its mouth when it got close enough to the armor, releasing flames capable of melting even 10th-stage dragon bones.

The two phoenixes in the group joined the dragon in setting fire to the armor, which immediately protected its body by forming a huge shield in front of it using part of one of its arms.

As it withstood the onslaught of enemy flames, a semi-transparent wave of spiritual power crossed the path between Minos' ship and it, reaching it without giving it a chance to defend itself.

"You insects dare to attack this protector?" It shouted as it looked down in the direction of the two Mermaids and two Nine-Tailed Foxes.

Low-level beings had dared to abuse its attention to distract it from the enemies trying to destroy it!

It realized this and felt outraged, seeing that perhaps it should eliminate these creatures first.

Seeing this, Minos didn't hesitate to activate his Infinite Dream and launch another mental attack on this creature that didn't seem to be a living being but had mental structures behind its actions.

'Even if you're just an array, even arrays can be hindered by mental attacks!' Minos hit his opponent and saw several of his allies attacking that huge armor, which had practically no way to escape.

Attacked from the sides, the giant armor could only defend itself while being shot at!

'My energy will only stay at level 89 for another minute. We must end this situation quickly.' Minos thought, knowing that no matter how long his temporary powers lasted, he wouldn't have much time to finish off this being.

If he could not incapacitate the giant armor in a few tens of seconds, he and his group would be in serious trouble!

Divine Seal: Prison of Blades!

Since he didn't want to destroy this thing with a wormhole, nor was he willing to use his supreme weapon, Minos decided to fuse two of his techniques to seal the array behind that armor.

Forming a seal with one hand, he used his other hand to control his medium-level grade-4 sword while using his sword technique.

Spatial Sword: Prison of Blades!

By channeling his energy into the two techniques simultaneously, several energy blades similar to his sword appeared around Minos like stars in the sky.

Then, as special symbols appeared on his blades, he moved his sword, causing all of these spiritual weapons to fly toward their target at the same time.

"Damn it!" That armor looked in his direction and realized that if such a move hit it, it would be in danger!



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